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Lifestyles in metropolis places are quite hectic, people are so busy in this rush after name, fame and money. People here are either workaholic or are party people. People in metropolis are so sensitive to be in rich elite group and to have all the list of luxury accomplished that they work for extra hours in there office. They are in a habit to stretch there working hours. These extra hours of work not only stress there eyes but also body and definitely affects the overall health. These extra long hours of work starts affecting your health along with your mental health.

You start living in a state of pressure, stress and tension. You start having fatigue. You body start answering calls of different kinds of ailment and problem. In this craziness of work you forget some of the important points such as you forget that you are supposed to take proper diet at regular intervals; that you need to have a regular regime of exercise; that you need to have proper amount of sleep and rest; and the most important one that you are suppose to leave your office work and stress in office itself and not to carry over in your house.

It is very essential to be professional in your work and to have a straight line of timing in personnel and professional things. You should never ever carry your work to your house and then back to office. This thing always increases stress, tension and pressure and you are not able to give sufficient time neither to your family nor to your surroundings. This proves that you are over busy with your work and you are not able to give time to family or to social status of your; resulting in a complete mess for you.

When this mess starts troubling you in form of fatigue which starts creeping your mind; then you are not able to do justice to your work or to your family or to the society; all this start giving you a dangerous emotion of failure and of being a loser. Here comes the devil in form of depression, which easy start affecting your mental health, you are not able to decide on which way to move. This depression not only affect you, it even affects your work, you social behavior and it doesn’t ends here it even start disturbing you family and there wellbeing.

Before all this things happen to you it is wisely suggested to visit a psychiatrist. Gone were the day’s when only crazy and mad people use to visit psychiatrist, in today’s time when lifestyle is so much full of mess and fatigue it is better to get treated by psychiatrist then to go through all sorts of trouble. There is a good Psychiatrist, Dr Himalee Abeya - Female Psychiatrist. Amongst the best Sydney Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists based in Eastwood, Sydney. Appointments available from 6pm to 10pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings 9am to 1pm. Who are expertise in diagnosing and treating all sorts of mental problem and ailment?

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