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Meditation Gongs – Meditation gongs, bells, or chimes produce a sacred resonating sound which signals the beginning and the end of meditation sessions. These are also called Rin which come in a range of sizes and a variety of styles. Some even use Tibetan Tingsha Bells. While shopping for gongs, bells, or chimes, keep in mind that the size of the meditation gong is proportional to the tone produced by the gong. So, the larger the meditation gong, the deeper and more resonant will be the tone produced.

Tibetan bowl - Tibetan singing bowls have been in existence since ancient times and it is believed that they are a powerful healing tool. Nowadays, gongs are extensively used in therapy, yoga, meditation, therapy, and personal enjoyment. When played, the Tibetan bowls produce profound, mystical, and harmonic overtones.

Japa Mala – Japa Mala, also known as Buddhist Mala beads, date back to ancient times and are centuries old tool which is an essential component of meditation. The mala beads play a significant role in keeping the mind focused while praying or meditating. The mala symbolizes a never ending cycle and every bead in the mala counts a mantra which has special properties that empower spiritual growth, healing, and a high level of well-being.

Besides the aforementioned meditation supplies, there are numerous other products which can be included to enhance the décor of the meditation space and to make the regular meditation sessions soothing. Some more supplies like meditation cushions, shrines, statues, Tatami mats, Shoji room dividers, Japanese incense, etc. can also be added.

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