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The current economic recession has brought an increase in the instances of alcohol and drug abuse due to anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders that may be the result of job losses or economic insecurity among the masses in the United States. In these cases, the requirement of alcohol and drug rehab centers has increased quite manifold. There is professional alcohol and drug rehab centers across the states and counties within the United States but most of residential treatment centers are quite expensive that require the patient (addict) to have good insurance to attend. Therefore, for those patients who cannot afford the luxury of these alcohol and drug rehab centers or those that do not have the insurance for even a regular rehab facility, there exists an affordable option for state sponsored low cost drug rehab centers.

These low cost or state sponsored rehab programs are in majority of states and cities are offering outpatient and inpatient alcohol and drug treatment facilities that are completely tax supported and charge nil fees. Majority of these state sponsored alcohol and drug rehab are mostly used by the people who are well coordinated with the government system through agencies like the Department of Family and Child Services, the county health department, Criminal Justice System etc. However, the state sponsored have long waiting list of the patients who are in need of alcohol and drug rehab treatment.

These state sponsored programs usually range from short-term detoxification centers, long-term residential treatment facilities that extend to individual outpatients counseling at local clinics. The state funded or supported alcohol and drug rehab centers accept money from their respective states to provide services to people addicted to alcohol and drugs. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse about 1.8 million people has used the state funded programs for alcohol and drug abuse in 2008. Different states in the United States have different cut off points and income levels at which they would begin to cover the addiction care of the concerned patient. The alcohol and drug rehab programs may vary from state to state and most of them require people to show some proof of residence before they can be use these state-run programs. To understand more about the state sponsored alcohol and drug rehab programs, the concerned patient/addict can make an appointment with a representative at their state’s social service office.

Back2Basics is a professionally operated, community-wide supported drug and alcohol treatment program for adults ages 18 and up. Back2Basics promotes health and wellness through daily living of the 12 Steps, in-depth study of Kung Fu and the Internal Arts, Outdoor Adventure and Therapeutic Modalities that deal specifically with those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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